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In 1939, actress Judy Garland skipped onto the big screen in the classic movie, "The Wizard of Oz," and ever since, millions of little girls have dreamed about stepping into her sparkly ruby slippers. But even if the Smithsonian keeps those iconic shoes under lock and key, you can channel the look of Dorothy Gale through her pretty, braided hairdo. The timeless style is simple to replicate and can be worn as part of an "Oz"-themed costume. Little girls can even wear Dorothy's braids with a cute party dress.

Spritz a generous amount of detangler onto wet hair first to help get rid of knots. Comb the hair from the ends up to the roots to release any tangles.

Place the tip of the comb at the center of the hairline. Run the comb vertically back over the head to the crown and down to the nape of the neck. Use your hands to part the hair. Allow the right section to fall while you twist and clip the left section to the head. This holds the hair in place so you can easily work on the other side first.

Section the hair into three pieces once the twist reaches past the earlobe. Use the twisted hair as one of the sections and then create the other two sections out of the remaining hair. You will be holding three sections of hair.

Braid the hair until 3 or 4 inches remain. Fasten with a hair tie.

Place the remaining hair below the hair tie into the curling iron at a 45-degree angle and clamp closed. Drag the iron slowly down to the ends. Wind the curling iron up, hold for 5 seconds and then pump the barrel to release the hair into a bouncy curl.

Tie powder-blue satin ribbons around each hair tie.


Spray the entire head with hairspray to help ward off flyaway hairs.