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Learning to tie a gypsy head scarf is only slightly less frustrating than herding dust bunnies in the wind. By following these easy instructions, though (and practicing until your arms are numb) you'll soon be sporting chic gypsy head scarves any fashionista would envy.

Buy a head scarf in a fabric you like. There are several options, some are beaded, some have a fringed edge and some are vibrantly patterned while others are in solid colors. Once you're adept at tying a gypsy head scarf, you'll want to collect several colors, styles and patterns. If you're learning for dress-up then you'll want to make sure your scarf matches your gypsy costume.

Fold your scarf in half, from corner to corner making a triangle.

Lay the widest edge of your scarf along your front hairline.

Bring the sides down to the nape of your neck and twist the entire scarf until it's a "snake." No, it won't bite you but keeping it snug for the next step is important.

Tie the entire scarf into a knot at the nape of your neck. Practice this a few times until you figure out how to keep your gypsy head scarf from shifting.

Be sure to check your gypsy head scarf knot in a mirror before heading out. Make sure it's positioned where you want it and that the tail is hanging nicely.


Keep that gypsy costume handy. You might discover that tying a scarf is so easy and fun that you want to wear one more often.


If your hair is long you might want to secure it into a ponytail before you tie your scarf to avoid having it knotted in with the fabric.