Set of colorful scarves in wooden box

Head scarves are a fairly old-fashioned style statement but yet they have stayed popular for quite some time. Designer head scarves tend to command steep prices and even the knockoffs aren't inexpensive. Fortunately, creating a head scarf on your own is not only cheap, but when it's your design, you can customize it however you'd like.

Cut a 3-foot long, 7-inch wide piece of fabric.

Place the piece on a hard, flat surface horizontally in front of you.

Fold the top part of the fabric down about 1/2 an inch. Fold the bottom part of the fabric up about 1/2 an inch, keeping them parallel to each other.

Sew the folds using your needle and thread or sewing machine to keep it in place and get rid of any raw edges that may have shown up from cutting fabric.

Stretch the fabric out (gently) to be sure it is sewn securely and will be durable enough to wear.

Hold the scarf over your head using both hands. Pull it down behind both ears, being sure that both sides are even. Flip your head scarf upside down and tie it at the nape of your neck. There will be extra fabric that you can pull over your shoulder or even use to drape around your neck as a neck scarf. If you'd prefer less fabric, trim the scarf accordingly as it is tied around your neck.


  • Use fabric paint, fabric glue, rhinestones, glitter or any other materials in order to add a little more design to your head scarf.

    If created long enough, head scarves can also be used as belts and neck scarves.