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Converse sneakers, which have been around for more than a century, continuously offer consumers a fashionable and comfortable alternative to traditional tennis shoes. One of the company’s developments has been to offer a double-tongued Converse shoe for a non-traditional take on the original model. While these shoes are stylish and comfortable, many customers may have a difficult time figuring out the two layers of laces to tie their double-tongued Converse.

With the shoes off your feet, sit facing the shoes to facilitate lacing them. Pull both tongues straight, as though you were wearing the shoes.

Insert the inside laces. Start at the bottom of the inner tongue and thread the shoelace horizontally through the bottom holes, pulling it taut so that you have an even amount of lace left on either side of the shoe.

String the inside laces through one side. Going up the tongue diagonally, criss-cross the lace through the holes on alternating sides. You may choose to thread it only halfway and cut off the slack at the end, but the first time you lace the shoes, lace them all the way so you can evaluate their comfort.

String the inside laces through the other side. Repeat step three with the opposite shoelace.

Repeat steps two through four with the outer laces. They should be on top of the inner laces and may be of alternating colors.

Put the shoes on your feet. Evaluate their fit and pull both sets of laces taut but not uncomfortably tight.

Tie the inner laces into a knot or bow. If the laces are too tight, you can undo the top half and only lace them halfway, cutting off the slack.

Tie the outer laces. Because Converse laces tend to be long, you may still have to trim the outer laces, though less so than you would with the inner laces.