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Sleek boots that fit perfectly create a really chic silhouette. If you happen to have skinny calves, it can be hard to find boots that aren't too slouchy. Here are a couple ways to make your boots fit like a dream.

DIY Trick

Find a thin belt in the same color and material as your boots.

While wearing the boot, place the center of the belt at the lowest point on the back of the boot.

Wrap and crisscross the belt all the way up the boot shaft.

Secure the buckle as tight as possible. Voila!

Pro Alterations

Bring your boots to a professional cobbler. Wear the same socks you like to wear with your boots and have the cobbler take measurements with your pant legs tucked in to ensure that the boots are not sized down too much.


To avoid having to resize, shop for lace-up or buckled boots that let you adjust the fit. Slouchy boots that are meant to sag around the calf are super cool, too.