how to keep over the knee boots from slouching
Cole Bennetts/Getty Images Entertainment/GettyImages

In cool or cold weather, over-the-knee boots make a practical and daring fashion statement. Not only do they play up long legs, they also pair well with sweaters and coats and they provide great coverage for your legs to help keep them warm. With frequent wear, you might notice that they start to slouch or sag. Before you resort to replacing them or throwing them in the trash, there are a few tricks you can use to keep them up where they belong.

Purchase leather over-the-knee boots if you can afford them. Unlike synthetic materials, leather is more durable and less likely to lose its shape over time.

Pair your over-the-knee boots with the thickest thigh-high socks that you can find, if your legs are much thinner than the circumference of the boots. Search camping supply stores or even athletic shops for socks that will take up room inside the boots and keep them from slouching down.

Stick double-sided tape on the inside of the boots before you put them on as long as you aren't worried about ruining the material they're made from. Since the tape is sticky on both sides, you can use it to adhere to your skin or pants so that the boots don't budge.

Keep your over-the-knee boots stuffed with newspaper or cardboard forms and lay them flat in the box they came in while you aren't wearing them. This will help maintain the shape of the boots and is especially important during warmer months when you don't wear them for weeks at a time.