Stretching Out the Waist of Leather Pants

By David Lipscomb

You found a great pair of leather pants that are the perfect style and color. One problem -- they're a little too small at the waist. Leather fortunately is a natural material that can be manipulated under the right conditions. Like denim jeans, leather pants can shrink if washed improperly, but they also stretch to your body shape -- which is what you'll need to do to squeeze into your new pair.

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Stretching the waist of leather pants makes them fit just right.

Step 1

Place your pants in a sink filled with warm water. Knead them a little to soften the fibers and ensure saturation. Do not place them in the washing machine, as the agitation process may cause the color to bleed.

Step 2

Gently blot them dry with a clean towel. The goal is not to dry them, just to remove excess water.

Step 3

Slide into the pants. Wear them for as long as you possibly can. The water in the leather combined with your body heat helps conform the material to your shape.