Reflexology Foot Massage

Reflexology has long been used as a way to treat ailments of the body through stimulating reflex points located throughout the bottom of the foot. Reflexology is beneficial because it works through increasing the blood-flow to certain areas of the body, increasing circulation to tissues, glands, organs and improving well-being and health to the body. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common foot ailments, where individuals feel pain along the bottom of the heel. Sharp pain is usually felt along the heel during the first steps in the morning, after not putting pressure on it throughout the night.


There are many issues that may cause plantar fasciitis. Weakness of the foot, incorrect fitting shoes and long lengths of standing, walking or sports also has been known to cause the ailment. Shoes that have varying degrees of arch, such as flats or heels, cause increased pressure on the heel resulting in sharp pain. During workouts or sports activities, using the wrong type of shoe also can create tension or pain on the heel due to impact.

Pain Relief

Plantar fasciitis must be diagnosed by a podiatrist to determine what caused the pain and why. For mild cases, simple treatments like stretching, new shoes with arches, massage or icing might be all that is needed to relieve pain. Stretching is important for every aspect of the body, making reflexology a good treatment to provide circulation and stimulation to points that receive too much pressure. Regular sessions of reflexology are beneficial to not only the plantar fasciitis, but also to the body as a whole.

To prevent plantar fasciitis, wear proper fitting shoes with adequate cushion and shock absorption, stretch before walking or any other physical activity and reduce the amount of time spent wearing shoes with little to no arch, or high heels.

Treatment Benefits

Reflexology is beneficial because it stretches and relieves heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. During this special massage treatment, ligaments and muscles of the foot are relaxed and loosened, in addition to the calf muscles. The entire lower leg and foot experiences increased circulation, muscle relief and improved flexibility. Those who routinely go for a reflexology session experience less pain in the foot, heel and lower leg and are able to maintain full flexibility when doing daily activities.