UGG Boot: How to Repair Them

By Guy Gardner

UGG boots are made using soft sheepskin and suede, which makes them one of the most comfortable and soft boots to wear. Unfortunately, suede and sheepskin are both more fragile forms of leather. Aside from damage to the sheepskin, worn-out soles and the unraveling of seam thread are problems that you may encounter with UGG boots. If your boots become damaged in any of these ways, you may be able to repair them and save yourself the cost of a new pair.


Repair undone stitching with a needle and thick thread. Hold the seams in place with several safety pins. Carefully restitch the seam. Double-stitch the seam for a tight repair.

Cover tears with a leather or suede patch. Place the patch over the tear and sew it in place with a needle and thread. The UGG boots will never look new again with the patch, but they will be functional.

Take your UGG boots to a shoe repair store to replace worn-out soles. Look in the phone book under "shoe repair" or online. Resoling a pair of UGG boots can be quite expensive, so unless the upper part of the boots is still in excellent condition, you may be better off buying a new pair of boots.