Throw your suede shoes in the washing machine and you might as well throw them away. Washing suede shoes takes a gentle hand and equally gentle technique. Some simple supplies and tips will put some spring back into your step with spic and span suede shoes.

Things You'll Need

Clean off mud. Allow mud to fully dry on the suede, then brush vigorously back and forth with a stiff nail brush. Make sure to angle the brush into all crevices. Use a nail file tip or other pointy object to dislodge mud from smaller places.

Remove scuffs. Use a softer suede brush to rub the scuff back and forth until the suede’s nap is restored. Gently lift pressed-down areas with the tip of a fingernail file.

Spot clean spots. Spot clean suede shoes with a pencil eraser, small rubber eraser or a suede cleaning block. Once the spot is removed, use a suede brush to restore the nap around the area.

Flush off water stains. If suede shoes have become discolored because they got wet, the answer is wetting the entire shoe. Remove the laces. Use a soft sponge and gently rub it across the entire shoe. Keep the shoes minimally damp. Stuff the shoes with white tissue paper to hold their shape while they dry.

Protect them. Once suede shoes are clean and dry, spray them with a suede protector to prevent further staining, spots and discoloration in the future.


  • All the supplies you need can be purchased at shoe stores, home shops and general stores. Some stores may sell kits to clean the suede with similar components to those listed above.
    Spray any new suede shoes with protector so they start out with an advantage.