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You love your cute suede sneakers, but not the creases that tend to form across the toe area with frequent wear. Your best bet is to prevent the wrinkles from forming in the first place by keeping shoe trees in your sneakers when not wearing them. The gentle stretch of the shoe tree helps the suede hold its shape. But if it's too late and creases have already formed, you can remove them and get your sneakers looking smooth again.

Insert shoe trees into your sneakers. If you don't own shoe trees, use balled up paper towels or fabric.

Set your iron to the lowest setting, and let it warm up.

Place a dishtowel or piece of fabric over the creased area of your sneakers, then gently run the tip of the iron over the fabric. Don't let the iron stay in any one place more than a few seconds or you risk scorching the suede. Repeat until the creases are gone.


Don't wear your suede sneakers every day.

Store your shoes in a dry, clean spot.


Always be careful when using a hot iron.