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Once you find the perfect pair of stylish, affordable and comfortable leather shoes, the last thing you want to do is skid across the floor when you wear them. Fashionable, quality shoes frequently have polished leather soles, which look elegant but can be very slippery, especially if you are walking on tile, marble or smooth hardwood flooring. A fall will bruise your pride, but even worse, can result in real injury. Don't think inching along to maintain your footing is the only solution. There are several ways to make new leather soles less slippery.

Rough up the soles of inexpensive shoes with coarse-grit sandpaper. Though it won't make a major difference, it will provide a bit of traction on slightly slippery floors. Be careful not to rub too long, or you could damage the sole of the shoe.

Trim nonslip bathtub stickers to fit the bottoms of your shoes, and press them into place. These will wear through with extended walking, so you will need to replace them periodically.

Buy a pair of adhesive nonslip shoe pads, and attach them to the soles of your new shoes. You can find nonslip pads in shoe stores or in the shoe section of department stores.

Take your expensive leather shoes to a cobbler, and have a nonslip coating or nonslip soles professionally attached to your shoes. It might cost a bit more than DIY measures, but professional remedies will last longer.