How to Replace the Inside of Uggs

By WendyS

Uggs, the so-hideous-they're-awesome boots popular with celebrities, hipsters and those who love to keep their toes toasty, can be made to last longer by replacing the insoles. If your favorite pair of Uggs gets wet, smelly or just plain worn down, simply order a new pair of insoles from the Uggs website.

Feet get sweaty -- change your Ugg insoles!

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Step 1

Order replacement insoles. Replacement insoles for Ugg boots can be ordered through the manufacturer's website, listed below. Choose the model and size you need. Not every model has replaceable insoles, so double check the model of your Ugg boots.

Step 2

Remove the current insoles. Reach inside your Ugg boots and carefully lift the current insole away from the heel of the boot. Peel it upward and remove from the boot. A butter knife or nail file might help to make the initial lift and give you grip. Do this for both boots. Discard.

Step 3

Air out your Ugg boots. If you are replacing the insoles because your Uggs got wet or are nasty with sweat, air them out for a few hours. A little baking soda sprinkled inside and dumped out after sitting overnight can help remove odors.

Step 4

Insert new insoles. Remove the new insoles from their package and insert, toe-first, into the boot. Push the toe of the insole into the boot as far as it will go. You may need to wiggle it around a bit to make sure it's all the way in. Once the insole is in as far as possible, push the heel of the insole down with your fingertips.

Step 5

Try Uggs on for comfort. Once your new insoles are in place, put the boots on to mold them to the shape of your foot. If there is any bunching, remove the insole and repeat Step 4. Walk around the house for a few minutes, and the new insoles will settle comfortably.