How to Get Rid of Wrinkles on Uggs

By LeafTV Editor

While many might think of Uggs as a shoe with widespread popularity, they originated as a shoe worn primarily by surfers on the beaches of Byron Bay in Australia. Brian Smith brought a bag of these sheepskin and suede boots back in 1978 and that marked the introduction of Ugg boots to America. Since Ugg boots are so soft and comfortable, many owners wear their shoes quite frequently, causing typical wear and tear on the shoes, not to mention creases on the suede. While these creases don't affect the integrity of the shoe, they can be a bit of an eyesore.

Orange ugg boot
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How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles On Uggs


Set an iron to medium heat. Lay each Ugg boot on its side. Turn the boot so the opening of the shaft of the shoe is facing you.

Stick the tip of the iron into the shaft. Run the iron back and forth in the interior of the shaft. This reverse heat will help to weaken the creases that have formed throughout the shoe.

Flip the shoe over so that the other side of the shaft of the boot is face up. Run your iron back and forth inside the shaft, coaxing out the wrinkles.

Set the shoe upright and set a cloth napkin over the instep and ball of the boot. Run the iron lightly over the napkin, coaxing out wrinkles from this area of the boot.

Hang the boots upside-down on a boot stand when you're not wearing them. A boot stand will reinforce the shape of the shaft and prevent future creases.