How to Get Rid of Wrinkles on Uggs

Love or hate them, Ugg boots are popular for their warmth and coziness. Originally worn by surfers on the beaches of Byron Bay in Australia, these sheepskin and suede boots are so soft and comfortable that people practically live in them, causing typical wear and tear as well as creases on the suede. These creases don't affect the integrity of the shoe, but if you want to keep Uggs looking like new, here's how.

Set an iron to medium heat.

Lay each Ugg boot on its side with the opening of the shaft facing you.

Stick the tip of the iron into the shaft and run it back and forth to diminish the creases that have formed on the outside of the shoe.

Set the shoe upright and set a cloth napkin over the instep and ball of the boot. Run the iron lightly over the napkin, smoothing out wrinkles from this area of the boot.


Hang the boots upside down on a boot stand when you're not wearing them. This reinforces the shape of the shaft and prevents future creases.