Leather sandals.

Just because your new Rainbow Sandals are a little tight, it doesn't mean they don't fit. These leather, rubber or hemp sandals require some time to stretch out and conform to your foot. Take a little time to work them in with a few creative shoe hacks, and enjoy the supreme comfort these sandals can provide.

When you first put on a pair of Rainbow Sandals, they might feel uncomfortable across the top of your feet. This snug fit is intentional -- the straps are made to be tight at first, but are engineered to stretch upon wearing. Additionally, the soles are crafted from memory-foam and will adapt to the unique shape of your foot. So while your sandals will ultimately feel great on your feet, achieving the perfect fit will take time and patience.

Despite being made of different materials, all Rainbow Sandals, including the leather, rubber and hemp varieties, benefit from the same breaking-in techniques.

Step 1: Get them wet

Step into your new pair of Rainbow Sandals and quickly submerge your feet into a basin of water, such as your bathtub. Walk around in these damp sandals. The water will soften the leather, which will then better conform to your foot.


Before you use this technique, add a drop of water to an inconspicuous place on the sandal to confirm the leather responds well to water. Or, if you don't want to dunk your new sandals in water, use a spray bottle to lightly wet the sandals instead.

Step 2: Use steam to soften

Place your sandals in the bathroom with you when you're taking a hot shower. The steam will go to work, softening the sandals. Slip them on after your shower, and wear them around the house to encourage the straps to loosen and fit your foot.

Step 3: Stretch the straps

Use an object other than your foot to stretch the straps. Place an empty water bottle or a tennis ball under the straps, where your foot would go. Leave these objects in the sandals whenever you're not wearing them. This trick helps to open the sandal and make it more comfortable.

Step 4: Wear them around the house

Slip on your Rainbow Sandals as often as possible, even when you're at home. Wearing them is the best way to allow them to conform to your foot. If extended wear results in uncomfortable feet, sport socks while stretching your Rainbows. The added bulk is not only more comfortable, but also helpful in stretching the sandals.


Mix and match these breaking-in techniques as you see fit. You might decide to use multiple techniques to expedite the loosening process.