how to repair cracking leather on a purse strap

Since a leather purse strap's main purpose is to provide a handle for the person to sling over his or her shoulder, the leather is constantly being manipulated and bent. With this constant use and lack of care, the pressures placed on a leather can cause it to crack. Unless you properly maintain your purse with leather cleaner and leather moisturizing oils, the leather material can begin to show signs of wear and tear and eventually crack. Repairing a leather purse strap can be easy, if you follow the right steps and have the right tools on hand.

Place a small pinch of leather filler on your finger and apply it into the cracked locations within the leather purse strap.

Wipe the excess leather filler with a damp cloth and wait for one hour for the filler to completely dry.

Apply light pressure to the repaired area with a piece of very fine sandpaper in order to smooth out the surface.

Squeeze a small pinch of leather repair paste onto your finger and apply it to the sanded-down area. This will give your leather item a restored glow. Make sure the leather paste you purchase matches the color of your purse strap.

Allow the repaired leather strap to dry overnight, before using the purse.