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You may love your leather jacket so much that you treat it with special care and attention. However, if you wear the jacket, you may eventually get a scratch. That's not a cause for concern, however. In fact, you can remove a scratch at home and restore your jacket to its former pristine condition.

Use leather lotion on the scratch. Apply a couple of drops of lotion to a clean cloth and rub the cloth on the jacket in a circular motion. Continue to rub until you no longer see the scratch. Always follow the directions on the label for proper application.

Apply leather shoe polish to the scratched area. Place a drop of polish on a cotton swab and gently cover the scratch. Allow the polish to dry completely.

Buff the scratched area with a chamois. Simply rub in a circular motion until the scratched area is no longer visible.

Spray the jacket with a leather-protector product. Spray the entire jacket, starting at the top and moving down. Spray the front first and then the back. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions.


You can use olive oil to remove a minor scratch. Simply pour olive oil onto a clean cloth and rub it into the scratched area in a circular motion. Continue rubbing the scratch until it disappears. Store your leather jacket away from direct sunlight and heat, because this can dry it out and lead to cracking.