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The little black dress has always been a wardrobe staple for women. It allows endless possibilities for accessorizing. With a clean slate like a black dress, you can create any look for any occasion by adding style elements including color and texture. Your little black dress can be your "go to" piece when you can't find anything to wear.


A black dress allows for colorful and sparkly embellishments. Jewelry is the way to add color and sparkle.

Casual Occasions Adorn your black dress with simple yet classy jewelry. Pair a long gold necklace with some gold earrings for a dress that covers the chest, and choose a shorter, choker style necklace if your dress exposes more skin.

Special Occasions Step up your jewelry game with some glitz if you are attending a formal event. Earrings can dangle a bit longer, and you can double up on the necklaces.

Seasonal Style In the spring and summer, add pops of color to your little black dress with brighter gems like peridots or sapphires.

For fall and winter, go with darker, seasonal gemstones like emeralds and rubies.


Your black dress is simple, so spice up your look with your footwear using vivid elements.

Colors Keep the season and formality of the event in mind when choosing colored shoes. Red, pink and blue are common colors for pairing with black pieces. Use these for casual events. Gold is a more elegant choice for formal occasions.

Prints You can't go wrong with an animal-print heel. However, it is not recommended for more formal occasions. Houndstooth is more classy, and stripes can work too.

Open-toed heels work for spring and summer events, and pumps work well for fall and winter. If you wear a long black dress, wear black stockings underneath.


Add a few accessories to your black dress to create more color and texture for your look.

Clutches For daytime events, a casual style is fine. Choose a dressier style for evening. Go with black or gold for formal occasions and black or colored for casual events. If you choose a colored clutch, look for something with a slight shimmer.

Belts You can add a belt to your black dress, but it isn't necessary. Stay away from thick belts, as thinner ones are dressier. Choose a belt in black, gold or animal print. Belts work for any season and any length of dress.

Scarves In the fall and winter, you may need to add a scarf to your little black dress. Choose one in black or a deep seasonal color, and look for embellishments like metallic threading, beading or jewels.


Sometimes you may need to layer your black dress with outerwear. The key is finding a balance between comfort and style.

Velvet One of the most elegant ways to add warmth to an outfit is with velvet. It is an appropriate option for evening outerwear. You can sport a velvet jacket or shrug with your black dress on colder evenings.

Blazer If you are attending a corporate event in your black dress, keep up the business look with a blazer. Stick to black, as it is the most professional color. Blazers work for both short and long, casual and formal dresses.