What Color Shoes Should I Wear With a Brown Dress?
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Almost everyone looks good in brown; it complements most skin tones, hair and eye colors and can actually create many flattering color combinations. But if you've ever worn a brown dress and been stumped by what color shoes to wear, you're not alone—it's a real fashion conundrum. Here are some ideas with different shoe colors and different styles of shoe to help you style a brown dress.

Contrasting Brown

A contrasting brown shoe is a great look with a brown dress. If the dress is a chocolate brown, go with a suede tan shoe. If the dress is a lighter shade, opt for a deep brown dress shoe. Avoid wearing matching browns, which look way too dull. Wearing monochrome outfits is also very trendy right now, so opting for light brown shoes or dark brown leather shoes could be the perfect choice.

White and Off-White

A chunky white shoe contrasts really beautifully with a brown dress. Champagne and other creamy shades also go well with certain shades of brown. If you can find high heels you can wear them with a brown dress to a formal event, or light brown ankle boots will fit a casual look well. Different colors of white and off white are perfect for formal occasions and for casual outfits all together.

White shoes sitting on a couch.


For a fun retro look, try pairing a brown dress with a light pink shoe. This combo has a 1960s throwback appeal. Wanna go all out? Sprinkle in some gray and light blue accessories. A brown color dress isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but adding these fun colors with your accessories will make you stand out!


To get a bold contrasting accent, pair a brown dress with a bright yellow shoe. This incorporates earth tones and looks very natural. Yellow often looks best with a dark brown rather than a light brown, so when putting together outfit ideas, don’t be afraid of this pop of color.


Conventional wisdom holds that brown and black should never mix in fashion, but this doesn't have to be true. While dark brown and black may not always be a good match, lighter shades of brown have enough contrast with black to work. Wearing black shoes with any shade of brown will look put together, as they are both neutrals. Black comes in many different shoe styles and could be the perfect pair of shoes to add with the neutral colors of a brown outfit.