Blonde woman in a lavender dress

Finding the perfect outfit for an occasion is one thing, but finding the right shoes to match it can be a whole different adventure. Lavender is a shade of purple, which can be difficult to coordinate with. You don't want to come out looking like a clown but colorful shoes aren't necessarily out of the question, either.

Complementary Color

On the color wheel, yellow is the complementary color to purple, meaning they are opposite hues. Complementary colors suit one another in an aesthetic sense, which is why it is considered an important principle in art and design. If you want to try yellow shoes to complement your lavender dress, look for shoes that are similar in saturation to the dress. In other words, don't pair a bright yellow with a pale lavender or vice versa.


White to off-white shoes are a classic combination with a lavender dress. White is the brightest color on the spectrum, so to avoid the shoes being the focal point of your ensemble, wear a sandal to reduce the amount of white. A cork or wooden sole with a white upper would be another flattering option, particularly for summertime, springtime or Easter.


Black shoes will work with a lavender dress, but be careful---if the dress is light in hue, black could be overwhelming. To make a statement with your shoes, choose a shiny patent leather, especially with a heel. For a more subtle look, a classic black sandal would be appropriate.