Purple Wedding shoes

Purple shoes are chic and trendy, but when you wear them with the wrong outfit or accessories, they can look more clownish than classy. Choosing the right accent colors, outfits and type of shoe will save you from the embarrassment of getting the purple shoe trend wrong. Almost anyone can pull off a purple shoe with the right attitude.

Choose the right shade of purple for your purple shoes. Purple shoes should hint at class with just a little trendiness. Stay away from nonsaturated colors like pastel purple or more immature shades of bright purple. Instead, chose saturated, royal purples that are closer to a neutral than a color. You'll get more use out of them, and they won't look too bright or silly.

Pick a shoe with a more serious shape so that your purple shoes are interesting in color but not crazy in shape. Purple shoes should enhance an outfit, so stick with a pointy-toed heel or a bejeweled purple flat. Leave the purple gladiator sandal or purple strappy heel on the shelf; they'll seem too girlish.

Wear a purple shoe with a neutral pant. Khaki pants, dark-wash jeans or gray slacks all suit purple shoes well. Because the pant lands so close to the shoe, you don't want it to compete with the shoe for attention. Leave the bottom half of your outfit neutral or decide on a different, more neutral shoe than a purple one.

Wear a multicolored top that has hints of shades of purple but isn't completely purple. You want to draw the similarities in color out from the top, not overwhelm your entire body with one color palette. You can also use a blazer or jacket to help tone down the matching purples in your shoes and shirt for a more neutral and chic look.

Add accessories that are in the same color family but don't match completely. Matching all of your accessories, including your handbag, to your shoes looks immature. Instead, choose a few bangles or a pair of earrings that echo the purple shoe without matching exactly. Choose a handbag that is a neutral color and not the same as the shoe; a camel-colored leather satchel can pull the look together without looking too planned.