Polka dots are a bold, fun fashion choice, and a polka dot dress is something almost any woman can wear. The right shoes are important, though, to make your outfit look pulled together and not silly. Several factors are involved in finding the perfect shoes to pair with your new dress.

Dress Style

The style of dress is crucial in deciding which shoe to wear. Pair your dress with shoes from the same era. With a fifties-style dress, try a pair of simple, high-heeled pumps with an ankle strap. A dress that was new in the eighties will look just right with a kitten-heel granny boot. Round-toe pumps with a chunky heel would be perfect with a thirties- or forties-style dress. If the dress is a current style, look for a shoe that's in style now. A strappy shoe with a platform sole and rounded peep-toe would go well with a short, sleeveless dress, while a low-heeled, calf-high boot would be perfect with a long-sleeved dress and a pair of heavy tights, for fall.

The lines of the dress are important as well. A simple, A-line dress will look best with a shoe with neat, clean lines, like a classic pump. A dress that's more extravagant can be paired with a shoe with some interesting details, such as a large buckle on an ankle strap or a bright flower attached to the vamp. Shoes with pointed toes will complement the V neck of your dress, while round toes will mirror and accent a full circle skirt.


Shoes in the same color as the dots on your dress will make a bolder statement than shoes that match the background color will. Your shoes don't have to match the color of your dress, though; you can always wear a neutral color like black or beige. If your dress is done in neutral colors, a bright color on your feet is a stylish look. Try denim blue Mary Janes with a tan-and-brown dress, and you can never go wrong with red heels and a black-and-white dress.

Personal Style

Your personal style is the most important thing to consider when buying shoes to wear with a polka dot dress. One dress on five different women with distinct styles can look fabulous on all five, because they've accessorized and made it their own. Consider a basic white shirtdress with bright blue polka dots and a self-fabric belt. A woman with a classic, preppy style might pair the dress with a pair of mid-heel white pumps and a strand of pearls. The line-dancing fanatic may throw on a pair of cowboy boots with her dress. A young woman going out on a date might wear a pair of bright blue, high-heeled pumps and matching hoop earrings with the dress, while a woman into retro style might wear a granny boot and lace fingerless gloves. A fan of punk style may wear a pair of sturdy black combat boots with her dress, and replace the cloth belt with a black studded one. One dress, five different looks, and each is appropriate for the woman wearing it.