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Shoes can change the mood of your outfit with color and shine; it's the little details that matter. Matching a navy outfit or pants can be simple by planning your accessories carefully and strategically choosing your shoes. Stay mindful of the other colors in the outfit and the formality or casualness of the occasion.

Pewter Shoes With Navy

Pewter looks less shiny than silver and has a bluish gray tint. It has a soft sheen but lacks any sort of sparkle. Because of its more muted quality, pewter looks elegant while not coming across as flashy. If you are wearing navy slacks, pewter will blend in best and will also look better with skinny jeans; plus, they have the added benefit of elongating legs better than silver will. With a dress, pewter shoes look a bit more conservative, and they beautifully complement a navy skirt or suit.

Silver Shoes With Navy

Silver has a Hollywood sparkle. Shoes in silver tones range from bright shiny leather to a slightly brushed finish. Silver is more flashy and playful than pewter, and looks especially good in a flat sandal or slipper style. Pair them with jeans or navy shorts during the day; for an evening event, choose a high-heeled strappy sandal with a navy dress or pants. While pewter pumps work with a navy skirt suit, it's best to avoid a bright silver pump. Silver works as a bold contrast hue that is usually best reserved for evening wear.

Accessories for Silver and Pewter

Rhinestones or crystals are often on silver shoes designed to be worn with evening clothes or bridal wear. Accessories that match are diamond, rhinestone, silver, white and platinum accessories and jewelry. Silver with navy is a good match for a man wearing white. Pewter is best complemented by clear, black pearl, titanium, gunmetal or black jewelry. Pewter is a good match for a man wearing charcoal.


While pewter is more subtle, silver has more impact. If you only get one or the other, silver has more wow factor and feels dressier. But since pewter is more of an all-purpose color, you likely will get more wear out of a nice pair of pewter shoes. By keeping the occasion, formality and style of clothing in mind, you'll land on the perfect shoe to complement your navy look.