Whether you've got sandals, flats or high pumps, silver shoes can add vitality to an otherwise plain ensemble. Pairing these bright and shiny attention-grabbers with the right colors, however, requires some consideration. The right match makes the difference between a sophisticated eye-catching statement and an over-done, loud fashion don't.

First: WhichType?

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First thing to factor in is the type of silver shoes you're working with. This will a play a role in what clothes you pair with them. You want the elegance of your shoes to match the elegance of the outfit. For example, if you're wearing flats or even flip-flops pair these with a day dress or slacks, not an evening gown; and the reverse is true.

Because silver is such a vibrant and dramatic color, you won't want to add equally loud accessories, such as a statement belt, to your outfit.

Your Best Options Are...


White (and off-white) looks wonderful with silver, no matter the season. If you wear casual silver shoes, white jeans, pants, skirts or cotton dresses will all look good with them. If you're wearing a formal white or off-white dress, silver heeled sandals will look good.

Black is another go-to color that works well with virtually all colors, including silver. Unlike white, black will provides greater contrast and create a more eye-catching look.

Other colors that work well with silver shoes include: bright red, light gray, charcoal gray, deep purple, burgundy and indigo. Choose deeper shades for cool weather and pale/pastel colors for warm weather.

Go with a solid color, rather than a design or pattern when wearing silver shoes. Keep these bright shoes the focus of your outfit.

A Few Other Do's and Don'ts

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Gold clothing with silver shoes is pretty much a hard no; the clashing colors are just too much. Also, wearing silver clothes with silver shoes is overkill, avoid this is if you can.

Go with a solid color, rather than a design or pattern when wearing silver shoes. Keep these bright shoes the focus of your outfit.

Don't add loud accessories, like a bright big metallic bag, or a statement belt-- the shoes add plenty of vibrancy to the outfit on their own.

Do use small, muted colored purses and belts that match the color of your clothing.

Do experiment with color and creating your own style. You can't go wrong with solid earth tones, like burnt oranges or deep greens. Their deep hues are a perfect balance to the bright silver.

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