The Versace brand is known for impeccable quality and a distinctively vibrant aesthetic—no wonder it’s often copied with cheap knockoffs. Fake Versace accessories such as handbags and sunglasses are everywhere. Here’s how to spot the real from the faux.

Check the manufacturing location. Authentic Versace is always made in Italy. If the item was made anywhere else, that’s a red flag. When buying a piece online, ask the seller for a picture of the manufacturing tag indicating the origin. Blatantly fake Versace often reads “Made in China” or “Made in Taiwan.”

Examine the craftsmanship. Authentic Versace stitching is consistent, seamless, and practically invisible; fake Versace displays inconsistent, sloppy, and discolored stitching. A small stray piece of thread might peek out from a knock-off label but never from the real thing. As for sunglasses, they should be well crafted and sturdy without any imbalance between the two sides, while a knockoff pair is often flimsy and disjointed.

Note the packaging. Versace takes meticulous care of its items, including the packaging. An authentic is packaged in a box with the Versace logo and a clean dust-bag with a silk drawstring cord. Fake Versace is typically packed in plastic bags, if at all. Sunglasses should be packaged in a smooth leather glasses case, not a plastic bag or hard plastic container.

Feel the product. Authentic Versace clothing and accessories feel smooth and luxurious, with every hem and crease designed to lie naturally and consistently. A Versace item should never feel stiff, rough, or itchy. Fake Versace is often inflexible on the outside with poor quality cloth on the inside. These knock-offs can also retain an odor from the long journey between East Asia and the United States.

Compare the prices. Real Versace typically costs thousands of dollars, so if you find a seller who claims they have the real deal for under $100, it’s probably a fake. Even gently used authentic Versace products routinely sell for several hundred dollars on internet auctions because the quality is simply that good.


  • If you’re buying online check the sellers’ reviews and ratings. Some people know they’re purchasing fake items and don’t care. Make sure those rave reviews are from customers who expected to buy authentic items and not mediocre knock-offs.


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