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If you're going to pay Juicy Couture prices, you definitely want real Juicy Couture items. Juicy Couture items are highly sought after, and as such counterfeiters often try to profit on this brand's popularity by producing fake Juicy items. It can be tough to tell the real from the faux, but there are several key elements to look for to help you learn how to identify fake Juicy Couture items and avoid paying for a cheap imitation.

Many Juicy Couture items will have tags that say "Born in the Glamorous USA." Be aware of anything that says otherwise. Also pay attention to the spacing on the tags. Look for letters that are mangled or squished together. Look for any misspellings. These are signs of fakes.

Check that the price tag matches the item. If the price tag says that it is for a white shirt and you bought a black hoodie, be aware that you are probably being scammed.

Look at the "J" on any zippers. Make sure that the "J" is the authentic Juicy J. An incorrectly shaped J can be a giveaway that a Juicy Couture item is fake. Beware of tags telling you to protect your zipper -- they're fake.

Stitching on genuine Juicy Couture items will be immaculate. If you see messy stitching, this indicates a fake Juicy Couture item.

If a Juicy Couture handbag has plastic around the handles, it's likely a fake. If the seller claims to be from China and says the bag is from China, the bag is probably a fake. Some Juicy items are made outside of the United States, but it is likely that a bag being sold from China is a fake.

Watch out for sellers who tell you that their Juicy Couture sizes run differently than standard Juicy sizes. There's a reason for that, and it is that the items aren't actually Juicy.

Make sure all engravings, tags, logos and labels are correct and are the exact Juicy standards. Even one being wrong should alert you that your Juicy Couture item is not real.

Look carefully at the tag. If the "TM" after "Born in the Glamorous USA "is the same size as the slogan font, that signifies a fake Juicy Couture item.

The inside of many Juicy Couture bags has the word "Juicy" with pictures of crowns on it. This is not the case for every bag, but it is something of which you should be aware.

Leather Juicy Couture bags are made of good leather. If the leather on a bag looks fake, stay away, because it probably is fake.

The Juicy Couture name often is misspelled on fakes. Be aware of any items where the second word in Juicy Couture is spelled "Cotore," "Coture" or "Cotour."