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Louis Vuitton products are a luxurious line of leather products originating from France. These products reflect luxury in their prices and in their quality, which is the reason why numerous fakes have been created. These fakes resemble the real products, yet they differentiate in quality, value and most importantly, in price. You can easily distinguish a real Louis Vuitton Ellipse backpack from a fake, even though the fakes closely resemble the real products, in hopes of attracting customers and giving them the opportunity of owning a real-looking Louis Vuitton product.

Think about the original source of the Louis Vuitton Ellipse backpack as the first step to determining whether it is real or fake. According to the Louis Vuitton website (louisvuitton.com), original Louis Vuitton products are sold at Louis Vuitton stores and through the official Louis Vuitton website. However, real products can also be sold online from previous owners, or even illegally through street vendors. You must be careful and not be tricked into buying a fake real-looking Louis Vuitton backpack. Go online onto the Louis Vuitton website and look at the original backpack details and price. Currently, the website doesn't offer the Ellipse backpack for sale, but has a handbag from the same collection that has the same details.

Smell the backpack's straps. Real Louis Vuitton products have handles or straps, and trim which are made from genuine leather with brass fittings, which you can smell when handling the bag, while fake products are made of PVC. The rest of the Ellipse backpack is made of a coated LV monogram canvas material.

Rub the backpack with your hands. It should be soft and supple, with smooth leather straps. If it is fake, it may be stiff and rubbery.

Observe the outside of the Louis Vuitton backpack. It should have the original LV monogram canvas in the original color. Ensure that Louis Vuitton actually made this type of product. The Ellipse backpack by Louis Vuitton is available only in the original Louis Vuitton monogram pattern, which is chocolate brown in color, with tan colored LV monograms all over, and with tan colored straps with brass fittings. Louis Vuitton never made an Ellipse backpack in the black, multicolor, cherry blossom or cerise colors. The zipper should be a YKK zipper and the stitching should be even, regular and tight throughout without any loose threads. The backpack should look well made and even, not crooked, and should be typical of the Louis Vuitton style. Look at the monograms, which should be symmetrical.

Look at the tag of the backpack, which should be attached. The tag should be on a string with a brown LV logo on a small white circle. The logo should be in the original caramel brown color as opposed to a color with a greenish tint. The logos should not be cut, and the tag should not be missing. It should not have any hang tags, stamps on paper tags or stickers on tags.

Open up the backpack. The zipper should make the backpack easy to open, be aware if the zipper is hard to open or jams. The interior of the Louis Vuitton backpack should be made of suede-like cotton canvas, in a brown color. Look for the authentic inside patch which should say where the backpack was made. It should say Made in France, Made in U.S.A. or Made In Italy only. Look for the original inside tags which should contain information about the materials the backpack is made from, company information and care information.

Call 1-866 VUITTON to ask for any additional details, and to determine the original price of the backpack as compared to the price you are offered. Louis Vuitton strives to protect its customers from purchasing fake products.


When in doubt, do not purchase the Louis Vuitton backpack, unless you don't care about owning a fake. Remember, however, that this is counterfeiting and illegal.