coat detail image by Olga Shelego from Fotolia.com

Luxury goods from designers such as Burberry can be easily replicated to a certain extent, especially when the designer has well-known prints and features. However, to make an increased profit, counterfeiters have to turn mass product around quickly, so they seldom take the time to get all of the details correct. Whether you’re looking at a trench, a bag or other apparel, there are some features that will help you to instantly rule out a Burberry imposter.

Check for sloppy stitching. When you pay a high price for a product from a luxury brand such as Burberry, part of what you’re paying for is a high quality of work. Stitching should be uniform and evenly lined up. Items that are quilted, such as outerwear and bags, should have perfectly aligned diagonal stitching.

Investigate prints to make sure that patterns match up where seams meet and colors are consistent.

Feel the fabric. Burberry uses high-quality natural materials in most cases, so look for fabrics such as leather, silk, cotton and wool. If “leather” items feel like plastic, or clothing is made from mostly synthetic materials, you most likely do not have authentic Burberry.

Look to see if the hardware is embossed if there is any, particularly on bags and belts. Burberry should be spelled correctly, in the same typeface as the brand’s logo, and perfectly centered.

Find the country of origin tag. Burberry apparel and bags are made in Italy. If the tag says anything else, it’s a fake.