Scarf image by Welt from Fotolia.com

When shopping for the famous Burberry plaid, you want to be sure that you purchase an authentic scarf and not be fooled by an imitation. Although fake Burberry scarves are harder to spot than other imitation designer wares, there are a few significant things to look for when searching for the real thing. The information in this article will guide you to be a smart and savvy Burberry shopper.

Read the label. If the tag says "made in China," it is a fake. Burberry is a product of London and is manufactured in London.

Examine the pattern. Authentic Burberry scarves are perfectly symmetrical from one end to the other. For example, on the classic Nova Check design, the thin, red line runs in the middle of all of the blue lines.

Look at the logo. The letters of the logo "BURBERRY" are important to the authenticity of the product. An authentic BURBERRY logo uses all capital letters. It is spelled B-U-R-B-E-R-R-Y, not B-U-R-B-U-R-Y or B-U-R-B-E-R-Y. In addition, the leg of the Rs should resemble a bicycle's kickstand rather than a straight leg.

Examine the symbol. If the scarf sports the "Equestrian Knight" symbol, both the horse and the rider should be easily defined. Most imitation symbols produce a picture that cannot be easily defined.


Burberry scarves are high-priced cashmere and will never be sold cheaply. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is.