Tory Burch has been steady slaying the fashion world since 2004 because her clothes and accessories are feminine, eye-catching, and classic all at once. Basically, she’s a genius. As with many luxury brands, there are a lot of imposters out there. Here’s how to distinguish authentic Tory Burch goods from the fakes.

Learn the look and feel of the real thing. It’s easier to spot a knockoff if you’ve seen and held a real Tory Burch handbag, accessory, or piece of clothing in your hands (as if you haven’t already groped the beautiful items at the department store). Take note of the appearance and texture of the materials as well as the stitching and hardware.

Clothing and handbags that are not authentic often feature uneven stitching, shoddy interior linings, and inaccurate or pasted-on brand names.

Many Tory Burch products, namely flat shoes, feature a flat, circular metal decoration with a cut-out, cross-shaped Tory Burch logo. It’s typically at the top of the shoe, right above the toes. If this embellishment is made of a flimsy material, is an uneven shape, or if the logo isn’t identical to the real thing, you’ve probably got a counterfeit on your hands.

Tory Burch products are sold with attached tags and in boxes marked with the Tory Burch logo. Low-quality, off-color packaging without a logo can denote a knockoff.

The price is a big indicator, too. Designer replicas are often sold at much lower prices than an authentic. A $100 Tory Burch handbag sold online probably isn’t real if it sells for $400 in a store. Fakes are often sold online and from street vendors. Buying directly from the Tory Burch website or Tory Burch boutiques is your best bet.


  • Help fight the production of counterfeit merchandise by reporting any inauthentic items you encounter.