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Tory Burch is a lifestyle brand of clothing that was introduced in 2004. The company produces a wide variety of clothing, outerwear, shoes, jewelry, handbags and accessories that are sold online and in boutiques worldwide. Tory Burch products are considered luxuries, with many items priced at over $500. There are several things you can look for when trying to distinguish a true Tory Burch from an imposter.

Learn the feel and look of the real thing. It is easier to spot a knockoff if you have seen and held a real Tory Burch handbag, accessory or piece of clothing in your hands and examined it. Take note of the appearance and texture of the material of the items as well as the kinds of stitching and decorations that are used.

Examine any embellishments present on the item. Many Tory Burch products, namely flat shoes, feature a flat, circular metal decoration with a cut-out, cross-shaped Tory Burch logo. This is typically located at the top of the pair of flat shoes, on the area that covers the toes. If this embellishment is made of a flimsy material, is an uneven shape or if the logo cut-out is incorrect, the item is likely counterfeit.

Consider the price of the item. Designer replicas are often sold at much lower prices than an authentic item would go for. A Tory Burch handbag that sells for $400 in a store is likely not real if it is advertised for $100 online.

Look at the packaging. Tory Burch items are sold are with attached tags and in boxes marked with the Tory Burch logo. Packaging that is low-quality, off-color or does not have the proper logo can denote a knockoff.

Examine the Tory Burch piece in question. Clothing and handbags that are not authentic often feature uneven stitching, shoddy interior linings and inaccurate or pasted-on brand names. Consider the qualities you took note of in Step 1.

Consider where you are purchasing the Tory Burch piece. Fakes are often sold online and from street vendors. Avoid being sold knockoffs by purchasing items directly from the Tory Burch website or Tory Burch boutiques.


Help fight the production of counterfeit merchandise by reporting any non-authentic items you encounter.