By Jennifer Patterson

Coogi is a popular clothing brand, known for its fashionable and vibrant colors. The company specializes in various fashions for women, men and children. Coogi brand produces a wide range of urban T-shirts, knitwear, jeans and jackets in addition to other accessories. Knowing how to spot a fake Coogi product can save you from paying for a product that is not genuine.

Spotting a fake Coogi can be done using certain techniques.

Step 1

Inspect the Coogi product for signs of discoloration or fading, especially when it comes to jeans. An item with a dirty or unclean look is not likely a real Coogi.

Step 2

Feel the fabric. Authentic Coogi fabrics are typically smooth in texture, while fake Coogi jeans are generally coarser.

Step 3

Look for Coogi logos on certain areas of the clothing such as on the buttons, pockets and waistband. If you have a genuine Coogi, you can compare the logos to the one that you are about to purchase to help detect inconsistency.

Step 4

Check for price tags when purchasing Coogi products. Genuine Coogi products should always have Coogi price tags attached to them.

Step 5

Look for inconsistency in stitches and design. Some genuine Coogi designs might have a "C" designed on buttons. The "C" on the authentic Coogi has a slightly crooked look instead of that of a regular "C."