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Because of the high appeal of name-brand goods, such as Lucky Brand Jeans, there are plenty of people who will attempt to copy the real product and sell it as an original. These items are usually lower in quality but will cost the same amount or slightly less than the true product. Online sales of clothing are one of the easiest ways to get duped into purchasing fake Lucky Brand jeans. To avoid getting duped in person or on the Internet, know how to spot real and fake Lucky jeans.

Check the inside of the zipper. Along the length of the zipper, there will be a thin label bearing the name "Lucky."

Examine the button over the zipper to ensure that it bears the Lucky name, as well as the trademark clover symbol.

Check the sizing on the tag inside of the jeans. Lucky Jeans are labeled according to waist size rather than the typical 0 to 12 sizing style. Waist sizes range from 24 to 33 inches. The size will be depicted on a small square tag.

Feel the fabric. It should feel fairly heavy, never thin. It should also have a soft feel because of the high-quality cotton used by Lucky. If the jeans feel scratchy, they are not true Lucky Brand. Also, take note of any shoddy workmanship, such as loose threads along the seams, as this is often a sign of a bogus product.

Check for the Lucky Brand patch over the right back pocket. The label should be made of a heavy material without any runs in the ink.


Refer to the Lucky Brand website to see what the real deal looks like.