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Tommy Hilfiger began in 1985 as a clothing designer and manufacturer primarily for men, expanding to women's wear around 10 years later. The Tommy Hilfiger collection encompasses jeans, trousers, blazers, swimsuits, undergarments, dresses and coats to create an entire line that reflects classic American style with a decidedly modern flavor. The desirability of the brand has caused it to be copied by many, making it an absolute necessity to be able to authenticate Tommy Hilfiger garments.

Check under the label if you're examining a piece of clothing. There should be a triangle of fabric, which is a trademark of the Hilfiger line.

Examine the label and check the spelling of the words "Tommy Hilfiger" and the structure of each letter. The letters should be perfectly stitched without a single stitch out of place.

Turn the article inside out. There should be no loose threads on the inside.

Run your fingers through the fabric, it should feel smooth and there should be a sturdiness to it, an indication of an authentic piece. Flimsy, transparent or cheap fabrics are a sign of a fake.

Check the contents label. Most Tommy Hilfiger products consist of khaki, madras, cotton and seersucker. While some of his products come from blended materials, high amounts of fabrics like polyester, linen or poly-cotton are likely fakes.

Look for the logo. Depending on the item, the checked Tommy Hilfiger logo should be somewhere on the item. Verify that the red rectangle is on the right, the white rectangle on the left and the bars of navy blue surround each.