Sunglass reflection

Carl Zalloni was the founder of Cazal Eyewear, a Germany-based company that manufactures designer sunglasses. Cazal sunglasses are luxury goods sold in fine stores and often spotted on celebrities.

Cazal Eyewear claims to not follow the mainstream or any rules or current commands of fashion. Instead, the company stresses, it seeks creative freedom and original designs. Its distinctive quality is one of several ways you can identify Cazal sunglasses with a strong degree of assurance.

Hold the sunglasses so that the exterior side of the lenses face you. Look at the top right corner of the top right frame. There should be a white logo that says "Cazal" in distinctive print that looks like lively handwriting.

Turn the glasses to the side and examine each stem. Somewhere on the exterior of each stem, usually an inch away from where the stem meets the lens, should be the word "Cazal" engraved on the metal in the same distinctive font as the Cazal logo.

Look at the style of the sunglasses. If they look very trendy or if they are in an extremely popular style, they're not likely to be Cazals. Cazal creators pride themselves on originality. If the sunglasses have design details with intricate specificity that you've never seen before on a pair of sunglasses, they're likely to be Cazals.