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Burberry is a high-end fashion label based in Britain that sells designer clothing, handbags and accessories. Burberry is famous for its plaid trench coats and handbags. One popular clothing item is the polo shirt, available in men’s, women’s, children’s and infant sizes. As with many high-end labels, there are many replicas available in the marketplace that are not authentic polo shirts from Burberry. A few tricks can help identify an authentic Burberry item.

Look at the logo on the tag. An authentic Burberry logo will have a small curl at the end of each “R” on the label. These curls are called rat tails. You will see them on any Burberry logo, including on buttons, labels and tags.

Observe the Burberry plaid on the collar where the shirt buttons up. The plaid will be level on the outside of the collar. It will not be set on a diagonal. If it is, the polo shirt is likely a fake.

Closely look at the embroidered logo on the polo shirt. The Burberry equestrian knight logo should be small, slightly raised and well-sewn. There should be no loose threads or blurred edges.

Check the hangtag that connects the shirt to the Burberry tag. It should be made out of cloth and not plastic and should be attached so firmly to the shirt that it is impossible to remove it without scissors or another cutting tool.

Consider the price. Burberry polos sell for about $100 to $150. If you see a price that is dramatically cheaper, it is most likely a fake. Remember that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.


  • Only purchase Burberry items from Burberry or authorized retailers, to prevent the possibility of buying a fake item.