Stella McCartney has established herself as a leading figure in the designer fashion industry. While she makes a full collection, her designer purses are incredibly popular with women of all ages. If you are purchasing a Stella McCartney purse, be aware that there are many replicas on the market. Here are some tips for spotting a fake Stella McCartney purse.

Look closely at the purse's materials. Stella McCartney purses are high fashion items which feature fine materials. If the material on the purse feels flimsy, cheap or fragile, it is most likely not authentic. If the bag is leather and it looks slick, shiny and hard, it is likely imitation leather.

Study the hardware on the purse. This means any zippers, buckles, key chains, clasps or buttons. Stella McCartney hardware will be high-quality and durable. It shouldn't feel lightweight and cheap.

Examine the stitching on the purse. Authentic bags will feature even, well-done stitching. If the stitching on the purse in question appears crooked, loose or mismatched, then it is not an authentic purse. Beware of any glue on the purse. Oftentimes, replica makers will glue fabrics together prior to stitching. If you see traces of glue, beware.

Look at photos of authentic Stella McCartney purses, preferably from her website. Observe any differences between the purse for sale and the authentic photos. Fake bags often have some error in replication. For example, an extra pocket where there shouldn't be one or missing clasps. If you see any differences between the purse for sale and the original photos, walk away.

Read purse blogs. There are a variety of online blogs dedicated to designer purses. You can glean the latest tips on spotting fake designer purses. Since posts are made daily, you can learn the latest ways replica producers are trying to trick the general public.

Compare the price of the purse to the market value for the purse. While you can find discounted designer purses, prices don't generally drop too dramatically. If the price seems oddly cheap, it may be a fake.


When purchasing from auction sites, make sure to ask the seller to confirm the bag's authenticity. If he is at all reluctant, beware. Fully explore a seller's feedback prior to bidding on a purse. If she has sold a fake Stella McCartney purse to anyone else, she will likely do it again.


Never purchase a Stella McCartney purse from a street vendor. Those sold on the streets are undoubtedly replicas.