Chanel is internationally acclaimed for its luxury clothing and accessories. For years, Chanel has been creating fashionable clothing for men and women that is coveted by people all over the world. It's no wonder that replica clothing has started appearing as people try to make a quick buck by producing fake Chanel clothes. Don't let yourself get fooled by a scam. Here are surefire ways to spot fake Chanel clothes.

Consider the seller. Chanel clothing is sold in upscale department stores and at Chanel boutiques. You won't find Chanel clothing at discount retailers or wholesale stores. If the item is for sale at such an establishment, it is likely a fake.

Assess the price of the Chanel item for sale. As it is high-end designer wear, Chanel clothing is rarely dramatically discounted. While you can find great deals on used items and slight discounts at seasonal sales, you won't find Chanel clothing for cheap prices. If the price seems too good to be true, it likely is.

Examine the clothing's material. Chanel uses only the finest materials for all their clothing items. If the material on the item appears flimsy or cheap, it is most definitely not authentic Chanel.

Observe the stitching on the clothing, particularly at the hems. If the stitching appears crooked, uneven or sloppy, walk away. Loose threads are another sign that the item is not authentic.

Look at the label. If the Chanel logo or name is misspelled, you know you're dealing with a fake.

Make sure there is no glue anywhere on the clothing item. Sometimes replica makers will glue pieces together prior to stitching them. Chanel would never shortcut like this. If there is glue residue, it is not authentic Chanel.

Compare photos of the item for sale with photos of authentic Chanel clothing, preferably photos of the same item. Though there are very good replicas out there, they usually feature something that is wrong. Look closely at both photos and try to spot any minute differences. If anything appears to be different, the item is most definitely a fake.


Trust your instincts. If you feel that the item is fake, do not make the purchase.


Beware of any seller on auction sites that has bad feedback. If others have had bad experiences with a particular seller, your experience is likely to be similar.