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Finding that perfect Prada jacket can be confidence-boosting and fitting to your lifestyle, whether you're a busy mom or career woman. Prada is a sought-after brand and status symbol, so it is no surprise that there are so many Prada counterfeits.

Things to Look For on a Prada Jacket

Check that the Prada name appears discreetly, rather than being plastered across the jacket. Prada clothing is well-recognized for its subtle designs, and rarely will the Prada logo appear on the outside of a jacket.

Open the jacket and have a look at the neck label. A true Prada jacket will have a red strip of material with "Prada" on it, attached at either end to the garment. The neck label on counterfeits is often white with a red stripe printed on it.

Verify the typeface of the Prada logo. This is one of the most distinguishing factors in identifying a real Prada. The "R" will have a small notch just below the rounded part of the letter. Also, the two "A"s will have thicker right sides than their left sides, and the right sides will continue up past the top of the letter.

Check the inside seam for a black care label outlining cleaning and care information. It will also provide a list of the materials used to make the garment, and the words “MADE IN ITALY” in all capital letters will appear at the bottom of the label. Prada knock-offs often have a white care label.

Check that there is a small size label to the left of the care label. Prada clothing is sized numerically, such as a size 6. If it is written as "S," "M" or "L," this indicates it is a fake.

Look for a small bag containing extra buttons and thread. A Prada jacket will always come with replacements. There will be a red stripe printed on the closure end of the bag, mimicking the red stripe of the neck label.

Find the price tag and verify that it is both made of transparent plastic and attached to the jacket by a paper clip or safety pin. If the tag is flimsy or is attached to the jacket by a plastic tie, then it is fake.

Expect the retail price to be steep. Prada uses high-quality materials in their garments, and if it doesn’t look and feel like luxurious quality, it isn't Prada. If the jacket retails for any less than $600, it’s likely too good to be true.

Purchase designer pieces from trusted boutiques to be sure, but keep in mind that thrift shops are a great place for hidden treasures; armed with this new knowledge you have the potential to strike gold!