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The Prada name represents high-end fashion. The purses, shoes, sunglasses and clothing all have counterfeit duplicates that sellers try to pass off as authentic. The name brand itself can become expensive, and buyers often are attracted to deals that allow them to afford this sought after brand. In order to protect yourself from being one of these unsuspecting shoppers, you will need to know what to look for when you buy a Prada product.

Spot a Fake Prada Bag

Examine the lining of the bag. Prada bags have a black lining with the logo printed with a contrasting black. Look at the word “Prada” on the lining. When the lining looks real, they name of the brand may be misspelled.

Inspect the lining for a metal tag. Inside the lining, a metal tag will say “Prada Made In Italy.” The tag materials will not be plastic or fabric and it will say those exact words.

Locate the stitching on the handbag. It will have aligned and straight stitches that will not be uneven or misaligned.

Look for authenticity cards. The bag will include a card in a small black envelope with a serial number the purse style name. The only applies to new bags though. Used bags may not contain these materials if the previous owner lost them.

Inspect the dust bag that comes with the purse. The material will be white in color and the Prada logo will be black.

Spot Fake Prada Shoes

Examine the toggle on the shoes. If the shoes do not contain laces or Velcro strips, they will have a toggle that has “Prada” printed on only one side.

Look at the box the shoes come in. The box will not say “Prada” or have a Prada logo on to top of the box. The Prada name or logo will only be located on the side of the box with the shoe model and the price. The box will be made of corrugated plastic instead of cardboard.

Inspect the insole of the shoe. The shoes insole will have the Prada logo with “Made In Italy” underneath. Remove the insole to reveal the Prada logo or name located on the shoe heal.

Look at the sleeper bag that comes with the shoes. The sleeper bag will be made of a silver plastic material. It will also contain a silver cord drawstring. The bag will contain a red stripe halfway across it with word “PRADA” printed in all capital letters.

Check the date on the Prada logos. The date will read “1913” instead of “1931.”

Spot Fake Prada Sunglasses

Look for a certificate of authenticity and warranty. All authentic Prada sunglasses will include a certificate of authenticity and a warranty instead of only one of these documents.

Examine the sunglasses to look for the authentic Prada case. All Prada sunglasses come with a high quality case. If the seller cannot provide this for you, then the sunglasses may not be authentic.

Ask for the model number of the sunglasses. Merchants that do not provide you with this information are selling fake Prada sunglasses.

Look for misspellings on the sunglasses. If the Prada name has a misspelling, then the sunglasses are not authentic.

Inspect the sunglasses. If they appear cheap or not durable, they are not authentic. Prada sunglasses are made of quality materials that are not flimsy or cheap in appearance.

Spot Fake Prada Clothing

Prada designed clothing has subtle designs. The Prada name will appear discreet and not plastered largely across the clothing.

Look for a red stripe on the side seam of a shirt. The red stream will appear high quality, will the Prada name stamped into it.

Inspect the writing on the red stripe. “Prada” will start with the “P” at the bottom of the red stripe. The color of the writing will be the same red as the stripe instead of white or any other color.

Inspect the care label of the clothing. The label will appear black, and the words “Made in Italy” will appear at the bottom of the label.

Find the size label next to the care label. Authentic Prada clothing will have a small label to the left of the care label that states the size. If the size appears on the care label itself, then the clothing is not authentic.