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Gucci is a couture designer specializing in handbags, shoes, jewelry and luggage. The label is iconic in the fashion industry and known for quality craftsmanship. All products are made in Italy where the company employs more than 45,000 people. The company was established in Florence, Italy, in 1921. Gucci purses have been carried by a plethora of celebrities including Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Grace Kelly and Princess Diana. The year a Gucci bag was made can help determine how much the purse is worth. Buyers should be cautious of purchasing outside of Gucci as counterfeit bags are often sold.

Identify the characteristics of your Gucci model, including the interior fabric of the purse, the plating in the purse, the purse's shape and any designs on the purse, its handle, and any accessories such as tassels and metal. These features will help you determine the decade in which your handbag was made.

Look for rounded edges and a signature push lock closure on the front of the bag. This is indication that the bag is a "Jackie" style purse and therefore made in the 1950s. This purse was named after Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Some of these bags also have cowhide coverings. The "New Jackie" is a model released in the 21st century. It features the same shape and signature push lock as the original "Jackie." It also features tassels and the Gucci print or solid leather.

Look for bamboo handles. This could be an indication that the bag was made in the 1940s. Bamboo-handled bags that feature green leather are an indication that the purse was made in the 1960s. This purse became popular after being worn by Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco. The princess also wore a custom Gucci scarf in a floral print. If you have a canvas bag with this print, it was made in 2005 when the print from Princess Grace's bag was recreated.

Look for the "GG Hallmark" on bags. If your handbag has this hallmark, it was made in the 1960s or later. This is because the company did not start using Guccio Gucci's initials until the 1960s.

Look for a Gucci pattern of "interlocking prints from a red and blue Gucci pattern." This is an indication the bag was made in the 1960s or 1970s.

Determine if the bag has a criss-cross pattern with connecting dark brown diamonds and a tan background. This design, called "Diamante," was created in the mid 1930s and sold through the 1940s and 1950s.

Look for a square-shaped bag with a green and red stripe. This purse, known as "Web," was created in the 1950s.

Look on the interior of the bag for a gold plate reading "Gucci Made in Italy." This may be an indication that the purse was made in 1980 or later.


When purchasing a Gucci bag, be aware of counterfeit purses. Make sure that your Gucci purse is genuine leather, has a Gucci label that reads "Made in Italy," and includes a model number and serial number that is 10 to 13 numbers in length each, with the model number directly above the serial number. Look on the Gucci website to make sure the Gucci icon on your bag matches the original Gucci icon.