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The Lacoste Company was founded in 1933 by the tennis player, Rene Lacoste. The company originally concentrated on designing polo shirts. The unique aspects of the Lacoste polo shirts are that the logo is located on the outside of the shirt, and that the cotton fabric is knitted, which gives it a more coarse texture. Eventually, the Lacoste brand also began to create bags. The Lacoste bags come in a variety of styles, some possessing more of a casual design than others. The bags are normally bright, vibrant colors, and have the characteristic Lacoste crocodile logo on them. In order to spot a fake Lacoste bag, pay attention to where you are purchasing the bag, look at the stitching and quality of the fabric, and look for the Lacoste logo.

Become familiar with the typical design of the Lacoste bags. The Lacoste bags are either made of leather, PVC, or cotton canvas. The leather bags have a professional appearance and come in three different color combinations. The colors can either be white, blue, and tan; white, black, and tan; or white, light tan, and dark tan. The bags made with PVC are more casual and are usually composed of bright colors. They also tend to have repeating patterns. The Lacoste bags made with cotton canvas are large and come in bright colors such as hot pink, blue, and yellow. All Lacoste bags have the Lacoste logo on them. You can become familiar with the appearance of these bags by visiting the Lacoste website.

Determine where you are purchasing the bag. Authentic Lacoste bags can be purchased on the Lacoste website, at the Lacoste store, or at boutiques and department stores that sell Lacoste items. You can find out the stores that sell authentic Lacoste items by visiting the Lacoste website. If you purchased the bag from a street vendor, then it is probably fake.

Examine the material of the bag. The authentic Lacoste bags are made with high quality materials, and the bags are durable. If the bag seems to be ripping, or the fabric seems overly thin and flimsy, then the bag is probably fake. Also, look at the stitching. Lacoste bags have even and secure stitching. If the stitches are coming out or are uneven, then the bag is probably fake.

Look at the logo of the bag. The characteristic Lacoste logo is a green crocodile that is sewn to the bottom corner of the bag. This logo is most often observed on the PVC bags. The leather bags have a square logo at the center of the bag that says "Lacoste Paris." The cotton canvas bags have the name of the company on the front of the bag. If the Lacoste logo is absent from the bag, or it is not attached well, then the bag is probably fake.