Coach wallets are high-end wallets that combine designer style and high-quality materials. Whether you are buying a wallet to match your favorite Coach purse or simply want a specific Coach wallet on its own, you need to ensure that the wallet you are buying is authentic, as there are so many replicas out there. Here are some tips for identifying fake coach wallets.

Look at the pattern on the wallet. The pattern on authentic Coach wallets is centered. It is therefore symmetrical on both sides of the item. If the wallet's pattern is off-center and mismatched, it is not real. The signature "C" pattern features paired Cs that face each other. If the pattern only has single Cs, it is a fake.

Check the stitching on the wallet. All authentic Coach wallets will have solid, even, well-done stitching. If the wallet's stitching is uneven, crooked or sloppy, it is a fake. Also look for any stray threads--another sign of a fake.

Examine the hardware on the wallet, including zippers, buckles and snaps. The hardware should feel heavy and strong. If it is lightweight, flimsy or cheap, it is not authentic. On most Coach products, the hardware is stamped with the "COACH" logo.

Check the inside of the wallet. If the outside features the signature "C" pattern, the inside lining should not. The reverse is also true: If the outside does not feature the signature pattern, the inside will likely have it. If both the inside and outside feature the signature "C"-pattern lining, the wallet is likely a fake.

Look for any glue on the wallet. Glue is never used on any part of official Coach merchandise. Often, replica makers will glue the leather together prior to stitching. If you spot any glue residue, do not purchase the wallet, as it is inauthentic.

If you are buying online or through a catalog, scrutinize photos of the wallet for sale. Compare those photos to shots of authentic wallets that can seen on the Coach website. If you spot any differences between the authentic wallets and the one for sale, you know you are dealing with a replica.


Trust your gut. If you think it might be a fake, it likely is. Always read a seller's feedback before bidding on an item. If she has sold a replica to someone else, there's a good chance her items are not authentic.


Beware of prices that seem too good to be true. While you can score great deals online, Coach wallets still garner decent prices, even when used.