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Hats by Italian design house Gucci, like many other Gucci items, are very fashionable. And because they are so popular and so expensive, counterfeit Gucci items, including hats, abound. However, it's easy to avoid falling into the trap of purchasing a fake Gucci hat. Spotting the real deal is fairly easy to do once you know what to look for. Usually, the telltale signs that a Gucci hat is not real are in the workmanship. Gucci hats are very high quality, and anything that looks poorly or cheaply made probably isn't the real thing.

Examine the workmanship on the hat. Gucci hats are expensive, in part, because they are so well made. The hat should have tight stitching and straight seams. The material used to make the hat should be heavy, and any leather on the hat should be obviously real. If the hat is knit, it should be thick and tightly woven.

Look at the tag inside the hat, using a magnifying glass if necessary. All Gucci products have a tag that is made from the same material as the item. The tag should say "Gucci" on the first line and "Made in Italy" on the second line. The tag should have a series of numbers printed on the back that include the style number and a serial number unique to the hat. All of the numbers should be clear and easy to read.

Check the price of the item with the Gucci Web site or with a licensed Gucci retailer, such as a department store. If the price is drastically reduced, the item may be counterfeit.

Make sure that the seller is reputable. It's best to purchase Gucci hats either from a Gucci store or a department store. Buying Gucci hats online or from street vendors increases your chances of purchasing a fake because it can be hard to give those hats a thorough inspection.