Fossil offers a range of stylish watches from classical to contemporary designs, varying from analog to multi-function.

Analog watch: Pull out the crown to position No. 3. Turn the crown counter-clockwise until you set the correct time. Push the crown back in to position No. 1.

Digital watch: The setting sequence for the watch is: month, date, a.m./p.m., hour and minutes. Press "B" to go to the next setting sequence and "A" to exit. Press "B" and then select a.m./p.m., then press "B" again to set the hour; finally press "B" once more to set the desired minutes.

Analog/Digital watch: Press "A" to move between 12/24-hour formats. Press "B" to move between time and date. Setting sequence is as follows: a.m./p.m., hour, minutes, month, date and weekday. Press "A" to set the value and go onto the next value. Press "A" to exit. Press and hold "A," and the hour will start flashing; press "B" to increase digits to the desired time.

Multi-function watch: Pull the crown out to position No. 3, turn clockwise to go to hour and minutes hands; the small dial showing days of the week will move, and the 24-hour dial will also move correspondingly. To set the date, pull the crown out to position No. 2 and turn clockwise until you have set the desired date; push the crown back to position No. 1.

  • If you require specific instructions on a particular watch, then visit the Fossil website (follow the link in the Resources box).