Watch image by Aqeel Ahmed from Fotolia.com

Fossil is a company that manufactures and sells a brand of wristwatches. The designs range from classic or vintage to contemporary or modern. Adjusting the day of the week on a Fossil watch can be frustrating, but once you’ve grasped the concept, you can adjust the date and time and be ready to get the full benefits of your watch.

Turn the crown, which is the little knob used to adjust time, to the middle position. The knob can be set to one of three positions, so be sure it is in the second one.

Turn the crown until it reaches the day before the day of the week you want to set the watch for. For example, if you want to set it for Tuesday, set it for Monday. Setting the watch for the current date is a common mistake and will result in the watch falling 12 hours behind.

Using the crown, adjust the time until the display rolls over to the current time and day. If you are setting your watch for the evening, be sure to rotate the hour hand 12 times, so that the right time of day is displayed.


Hold the watch--rather than wearing it--so that the crown is easier to turn.