How to Change the Time on a Shock-Resistant Baby G Watch

By Nicole Fotheringham

Children need watches to get to class, catch the bus and make the sports practice on time, but watches are regular victims of rough-housing and the occasional dunking in water. The Casio Baby G-shock watch range provides the perfect solution. The Baby G-shock is built to be shock and water resistant. Designed to be the watch "...that never breaks," the Baby G-shock's indestructibility is achieved through a hollow-structured case, protective covering and cushioning material to protect sensitive parts. Setting the time on a G-shock is accomplished in a couple of steps.

The G-shock watch has atomic time and receives data from Fort Collins, Colorado.

Step 1

Set the time on your Baby G by switching to time mode. The button on the bottom left-hand side of the watch is the mode button. Pressing it once to will set the watch to time mode. The time digits will begin to flash.

Step 2

Start by adjusting the seconds. Press the button on the top-right side of the watch once. The second digits will start to flash. Press the bottom right-hand button until the correct second time is displayed. Hold down the button to cycle through the digits. Once the correct time is displayed, press the bottom left-hand button and the digits will stop flashing. Press the bottom left-hand button again to set the hours.

Step 3

Follow the same procedure to change the hours setting. Set the time and date by cycling through the digits in the following sequence: seconds, hours, minutes, year, month and date.

Step 4

Press the bottom right-hand button to set the seconds to 00. When the second display is between 1 and 29, the digits will change to 00. If the display is between 30 and 59 seconds, the seconds will revert to 00 and one minute will be added to the minutes display.

Step 5

Change from an a.m. to a p.m. setting by pressing the button in the middle of the bottom of the watch when any of the time display digits are flashing.