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Hairspray is typically the number one hair product that you would use to hold your hair in place. But, it can be messy to use, cause your hair to have a hardened look and feel about it, and even harm the environment. There are other ways you can style and hold your hair in place without using hairspray.


Choose accessories that hold hair in place like barrettes, combs, clips, headbands, bobby pins and scrunchies.

Separate your bangs into two sections. Wrap each section with a portion of your hair on each side. Secure both sides with a clip, barrette, comb or bobby pin.

Pull hair from each side together in the middle and hold with a scrunchie or clip. Let the back of your hair hang loose behind the ponytail.

Pick Your Product

Buy gel, mousse and curl booster.

Comb gel into damp hair for a slick-back look that will stay in place.

Apply mousse to hair for a fuller look that will hold all day.

Scrunch curl booster into hair to keep curls from frizzing and keep them soft all day.


  • You can always pull your hair back into a ponytail. Dress it up by using decorative scrunchies and clips.

  • There are many more hair accessories on the market that you can use to create different styles.