Close-up hand hair mousse

When you want full, curly hair, your styling approach is an important factor. If your hair is naturally straight, thin or flat, adding a product such as mousse for volume before you curl will help give your curls big, bouncy body. Select a mousse that works with your hair, curl it carefully to avoid burning strands, and enjoy the extra body that mousse adds to your locks.

Dry wet hair with a cotton towel until it is slightly damp, or start with dry hair.

Apply a quarter-sized amount of mousse to the palm of your hand. Spread the mousse between your hands; then run it through your hair, starting from the roots and working down to the ends. Repeat this until you coat all of your hair with mousse.

Tip your head upside down and blow-dry your hair until nearly dry. Turn upright and brush your hair smooth. Separate your hair into small sections no wider than your round brush. Run the brush through your hair while you blow-dry each section. Avoid focusing the dryer on any section of hair for more than five seconds to prevent heat damage. Repeat this until your hair is dry.

Curl your hair as you normally would, using a curling iron or rollers. Use caution when using a curling iron. The intense heat can burn your hair if you leave it in one place too long.

Finish your style with a light finishing or holding spray to protect your curls and keep them in place throughout the day.