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If the eyes are the windows to your soul, they are also a good indication of how healthy and rested you are. When the whites (the sclera) of the eye are bright and clear, you look younger, more alert and overall more well taken care of. White eyes are healthy eyes. Red, itchy eyes result when you are not getting enough sleep, fluids or have a lifestyle that is causing eye strain. Maintaining clear, white eyes is fairly simple, if you are prepared to take care of yourself consistently.


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Have your eyes checked every year by an optometrist. She can adjust your prescription if needed, eliminating eye strain as well as check you for chronically dry eyes, infections or progressive eye issues.

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Take proper care of your contact lenses, if you wear them. This includes regular cleaning and storing in fresh solution. If your contacts are disposable, follow the manufacturer's guidelines regarding them. Put your glasses on an hour or so before bed to give your eyes a chance to "breathe" and rest.

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Wear your sunglasses when outside all year round. The sun and wind can cause dryness and irritation. Make sure the lenses have proper UVB protection.

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When reading or working at a computer screen, give your eyes a rest every half hour or so in order to reduce eye strain and dryness. Keep lubricating eye drops on hand and use them when your eyes begin to feel itchy.

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Baby your eyes whenever possible. Use cold cucumber slices or a cool pack on your closed eyelids to help constrict the blood vessels in the area and reduce redness.

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Maintain a balanced lifestyle, stay hydrated and get enough sleep. Eating foods rich in Vitamins C, A, E, beta carotene and zinc are beneficial for optimum eye health.


Although redness relieving eye drops are a great "quick fix" on occasion, they are not recommended for long time use as you will gradually become immune to the effects. Make sure that any lubricating drops you keep on hand for regular use are for lubricating only.

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