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The classic taupe and red plaid of a Burberry scarf is a widely recognized design of the British luxury company, but that doesn't mean other Burberry pieces are immune to counterfeit reproduction. Unlike purses or leather goods, fake Burberry sunglasses present a unique set of qualifying characteristics, which makes authenticity difficult to determine for the untrained eye. Recognizing and comparing key traits of fake and real Burberry sunglasses helps ensure your fashionable Burberry shades are the real deal.

Examine the inside of the arm on the sunglasses. Authentic Burberry sunglasses read "CE Made in Italy" on the arm length. The arm also includes the model number, nose bridge length, arm length, color code and the lens diameter. Finding only a serial number printed on your Burberry sunglasses is a red flag for knockoffs.

Open and close the sunglasses. Authentic Burberry glasses are made from high-quality materials that function smoothly and securely. Fake Burberry sunglasses can rattle when jiggled. The poor quality of screws and joints causes fake Burberry sunglasses to open and close in a flimsy manner.

Examine the metallic details and embellishments near the arm screws. Metallic embellishments on authentic Burberry sunglasses are made from metallic plaque. These should extend around both sides of the joint and in some designs onto the lenses.

Authentic embellishments are also carefully assembled and should integrate seamlessly to the other parts of the sunglasses. Fake Burberry embellishments do not extend fully or these appear loosely screwed or snapped into place.

Read the price tag. Authentic Burberry sunglasses cost about $170 to $240. Anything below that is suspect. Not surprisingly, only high-end department stores and boutiques carry real Burberry sunglasses, meaning you won't find the glasses at a street vendor or through an online warehouse site.

Check the accessories and packaging. Authentic Burberry sunglasses arrive in a Burberry box with a hard, plaid-patterned case and a cleaning cloth. Avoid any Burberry sunglasses sold in plastic or drawstring bags.


Apply cautious common sense. Some very convincing Burberry knockoffs exist and only close inspection reveals the subtle differences. If you are still unsure, take your sunglasses to a Burberry retailer and inquire as to authenticity.


Wearing fake sunglasses may not offer proper eye protection.